Don't Let a Slip and Fall Get You Down

Don't Let a Slip and Fall Get You Down

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One minute you are walking along. The next minute you are flat on your back and your back and ankle are throbbing! What do you do?

  1. Call for help...from management. Make sure the incident is documented and ask for a copy of the incident report;
  2. If you are able, take photos of the area with your phone camera (to preserve the evidence of the hazard; and
  3. Seek immediate medical attention if you are hurt

Call Carson Law for reliable slip-and-fall legal advice. We'll be by your side during your personal injury case and work diligently to get you the best possible outcome.

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If you have fallen and been injured as a result of a dangerous condition, you may have a claim. Carson Law has 24 years of experience litigating and trying premises liability cases, including negligent security, inadequate lighting and slip and fall cases.

The key to success in these cases is collecting evidence of the hazard (including a detailed recounting with witness testimony of the incident), proving the property owner's superior knowledge of the hazard and proving your damages. Carson Law of Dunwoody, GA will take immediate action to preserve evidence of the incident that resulted in your injuries and will aggressively dig for evidence of the property owner's neglect in maintaining their property and resulting superior knowledge of the hazard that resulted in your injuries.

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